Arranged with Care (English audio)
2 Channel Video, Herbs, Airplane Pillowcase, and the Color of Horchata Lojana

Visual description included in the video
Thumbnail Image Description: Over a dozen plates have been placed on a dining room table covered with a brown striped Ecuadorian tablecloth. Arranged with care, each plate holds a different herb. Most are bright green and all are fresh. There is a small bowl of sugar, a bottle of honey and 3 limes in the center and a bowl of oranges in the back. The caption is quite large, in the center of the image and a rectangular transparent dark background frames the text for contrast. In white text it says “Arranged with care, each plate holds a different herb." And below in yellow it says “Arreglados cuidadosamente y con mucho cariño, cada plate contiene hierbas diferentes".