Crash Pad (OSHA Safety Green)
Crash Pad (OSHA Safety Green)
Bed Frame, Mattress Toppers, Sherpa Fleece, Paint, Bed Rail, Baskets, the Artist’s Mother’s Collected and Dried Leaves, and Video on iPad
106” x 80” x 34”

Installation view in Greenness at Real Art Ways (2024)

Image Description: A bed frame is installed in the corner of a gallery with white walls. The floor is painted "OSHA Safety Green", and the bed frame is painted in the same color. On top of it is a memory foam mattress topper covered in emerald green sherpa fleece. A second identical mattress topper is placed on the floor to the left of the bed frame. The front end of the bed frame has three storage cubbies. Each has a basket filled with dried leaves. The middle basket looks like a watermelon. A bed rail is attached to the front end of the bedframe to the right side close to the wall. On top of the bed is an ipad connected to headphones and playing a garden scene. It's propped up on a small pillow-like stand covered in the same sherpa fleece.

Photography: Francisco echo Eraso