Alex Dolores Salerno

Exhibition view of Greenness at Real Art Ways, Hartford, Connecticut
March 21, 2024 - May 19, 2024

Photography: Peter Brown

Image Description: An exhibition view of Greenness shows a white wall gallery with the floor painted a cold green that is also called OSHA safety green. The piece Crash Pad (OSHA safety green) is also painted in the same green and is the artist's bed frame installed in a corner to the right of the image. On top and next to the bedframe on the floor are green sherpa fleece cover mattress toppers. The bed frame also has an iPad playing a video on top of it, a bed rail, and storage cubbies are filled with baskets of dried leaves. In front of the bed closer towards us is a fuzzy dark green sensory bag hung by multiple hooks on the wall. And to the left of the bed is a large piece of lumpy burl wood flat on the floor and on the wall hung in a row across next to it on the left are 8 pieces of uniquely shaped and textured burl wood.