Alex Dolores Salerno

On view in Sneckdown at EACC Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo de Castellón
May 20, 2023 - September 03, 2023

Reflecting Pool, 2022, Used Memory Foam Mattress Topper and Office Chair Mat, 60” x 46” x 3”

Image Description: A memory foam mattress topper lies flat on a grey concrete floor. On top of the memory foam is a thin clear plastic office chair mat with a lip which would fit underneath a desk. The foam has been cut to match the dimensions of the chair mat. Sunlight shines from the left across the chair mat and illuminates the ventilation holes, the small tears in the foam, along with the sweat stains which have turned the surface of the foam from the light blue color visible along the edges to a dull yellow green color.